Kalabanté Circus


"If you can talk you can sing, If you can walk you can dance"


Kalabanté productions were created in 2007 by Yamoussa Bangoura, a multidisciplinary artist of Guinean origin who has always dreamed of founding a circus school and having his own multidisciplinary company in African arts.

Installed in Montreal for several years, Yamoussa Bangoura, artistic director of the company, also transmits and shares his values and his passion thanks to the teaching of the various artistic disciplines which he masters in circus arts, African dance and traditional music of West Africa.




What happens in the studio:

  • Free training for professional artists since January 2021, extended until June 30, 2022.
    Courtesy of the CALQ

  • Private Residences 

  • Multidisciplinary group or private lessons and paid free training for amateur artists

  • Rentals for private or other events

  • Write to us at   studio@kalabanteproductions.com   for more information.

Our latest news

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