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Our actions

Our actions reflect our commitments which align with our Mission.  

This non-profit organization welcomes and supports all amateur Canadian talent, as well as visible minorities, wishing to increase their knowledge and improve their training to a higher level.



in Guinea

In Conakry, the capital of the Republic of Guinea, the Kalabanté School is being built, of the same name as the NPO Productions Kalabanté, whose objective is to attract young adolescents to offer them training in multidisciplinary arts and enable them to become professional artists.

In return, the students contribute to the development of the school, to the maintenance of the premises and to fundraising activities. At the same time, they receive accommodation, meals, care and instruction.

The construction of this school is therefore part of the mission of Productions Kalabanté.



Without border

 “This is the story of Artcirq and Kalabanté, the story of two best friends, Guillaume Saladin and Yamoussa Bangoura, world-class acrobats from the most remote corners of the globe who share the same dream: to bring hope and change their struggling communities through circus arts education.

Their dream takes place in the Canadian Arctic and Guinea, West Africa, where they help young Inuit and Guineans achieve the unimaginable in the face of suicide, poverty and despair.

Seven years of creation, this story of two circuses - Artcirq and Kalabante - is a piece of culture-traversed which offers a portal into two distant communities, and an inspiring story of resilience and joy. ”

Circus Without Borders
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