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Rigging: When using points, don't forget to tie your safety knot before you go, no matter what!

Video Tutorial 👇

Thanks to Yves Landry for his special participation and his contribution to the implementation of these videos. We also thank Éliane Bonin for her advice and recommendations.

(English instruction Below the video)

Knot at Points A and B

Hanging knot:

1) Send the dead rope towards the live rope by passing it between the latter and the descender 8.

2) Pass the dead rope under the ear of the descender adjacent to the live rope.

3) Send the dead rope under the opposite ear. Repeat step 2.

Securing the node:

1) Create a loop in the dead rope and pass it under the arch of the descender. 2) Pass the two ends of the loop under the two ears of the descender and pull on the dead rope to tighten everything.

(English instruction Below the video)

Safety knot at points C and D

1) Lock the rope securely in the ascender. 2) Create a loop in the dead rope to pass it through the quick link under the ascender. 3) Pass this loop through the ascender handle and then create a simple knot in the doubles of this dead rope. 4) Make a second knot around the handle for more precaution.

*** WARNING *** You must always tie a safety knot, even when the training is over and you hang a recall weight on the attachment point.

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